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- by Linn Barnes

-Linn Barnes 

Where have the wild ones gone
after preaching a daring gospel
of lost leaves of ruined grass
upon the crumpled campus
of shock ruin and despair

Where flights of wingless beasts
cavorting in the muddled ether
amid villeins and earls fallen prey
to the vanishing morning glow
and the sheen of ugly laughter

Where the pace of the night stalkers
rambling among the fallen goons
gleaning the husk and forgotten grain 
while the croaking crows and 
screaming eagles soaring above

Choose a life riding the fetid thermals 
swooping to the carnage at hand
savaging with cheerful abandon
the reapers and crippled squatters 
hidden carelessly in the dank earth

In the mobbed up caves and ruins
fallen hamlets of charmless squalor 
shackled tight to the world of shadow
the slow night fires of grainy illusion
the dwindling light of the fallen day.