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- by Linn Barnes

-Linn Barnes

By the hope we swear by
and the chant we mutter
to the hymn we pretend
to defend and mostly do not

We must hereby answer 
the righteous entreaties 
pilling like lake effect snow
in the halls on the streets

On the shores of the seas
where the shot once fired
round the world has finally
returned to fester among

Sad and hopeless outcasts
grubbing griping and dying
on broken concrete oaths
now smashed by the tyrant

Who churns and burns
at will the iron clad fealty
chartered long ago by
visionaries and prophets

Who founded in blood the
revolutionary rights of man
when it was deemed much more
than an enlightened exercise

Muttered darkly among
desperate men drawing 
the sword to strike down the 
fading king of a dying world.