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Poetry of August 2019

- by Linn Barnes

-Linn Barnes

Prometheus, shackled to the earth,
stalked by the darkest solitude of night,
before the flights of vultures and eagles, 
ripping flesh, day after day, are driven back, 
for a brief moment, into the deep black vault, 
while he remains nailed, crippled, torn, 
shouting at no one to rise up and bring 
the dour dark to the broad new light,
since the earth, betrayed, refuses to spawn
the day out of grim and hopeless rage.
And where, now, will he be?


-Linn Barnes

'It is dawn', 

wrote ee cummings,

'and the world goes forth to murder dreams.'

And now, dreamless, drifting,

we've morphed to

day or night,

lock and load,

and murder the world. 

Final Days
-Linn Barnes

Donald, Donald,
don't you see,
the time has come
to leave the stage,
and not mutter 
anymore the grim drivel 
we've been bored
with into the night and 
into the day, now that it's
been clearly shown 
you've been
gathering death
and shouting for more
among the shadows
that reek and plague
your final days, but
not ours

The Ax and the Sword
-Linn Barnes

The disaster is taking shape, 
beneath the cool veneer
that is trying to gloss over as reality 
what has been happening, 
when things that have gotten
way out of control,
and the peasants you so
gleefully mustered are
beginning to take up
the ax and the sword
and, out of betrayal, 
will finally demand your
life and your head.

But, this is the way
it has always been.
The only question,
as forever, is why
must it take so long.

At Dinner
-Linn Barnes

While I set the table
for the wonderful fruits of our garden
that Allison has so carefully nourished
and transformed into miracles,
I cannot but weep for the stricken with horror
in Texas and Ohio,
lost to weeping into 
something like their dinner
they must try to consume
to survive...
and for them, right now,
death shall certainly 
have a profound dominion.

I weep for them and theirs...

Iron Maiden
-Linn Barnes

“Good morning Mr whatever your name is. 
I’m the chief prosecuting attorney for the State of Texas, 
and I’m required to tell you that we will not
be seeking the death penalty for
your hideous crimes, 
as unimaginably worthy as
they are of such a truly American procedure.
But, well, ‘the times they are a-changing’, get it? 
Anyway, have you ever heard of the Iron Maiden? 
Well, me neither until I got a 
call from the director of the 
Torture Museum in Rothenbuug, Germany. 
It's really cool and kind of simple: 
The 'Maiden' is the effigy of a large, fierce 
and powerful looking woman 
who opens up like a book 
to reveal layer after layer of 
iron spikes, which, once the 
'accused and convicted' is 'introduced', 
as it were, to 'our' Maiden, 
oh, yes, we've ordered one, 
well, all you have to do is 'shut' the doors,
and let the screaming begin.... 
There was a time when this was very popular... 
We think it's on the way back. 
How about that?"

-Linn Barnes

When the simpleton, 
bullshit street thug who lives in 
the white house tells everybody 
to get it on, what right do we have
to be surprised when they do?

We have little to say
when we've had nothing 
to say.

Out with the national pox,
bring on the hemlock
before all the youth are
drawn to their, and our, 

National emergency rings
in the heated air.



Oh, summer whither hast thou fled,

that now we are left with the sad 

glories of Lughnasadh to come, 

home again in the great plain of 

the sacred year, with the harvest 

soon to be done, under an August moon, 

looking to the Fall, under the broadening light,

blinding blue fading with the early

flurry of leaves now beginning to fly 

in the cooling wind bringing solace

to those who still dance, 

and those who still sing,

though it may seem the 

tunes are hard to find.