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A Winter Prayer

- by Linn Barnes

A Winter Prayer

-Linn Barnes

On a cold morning in late December,

windows frosted, breath freezing before my eyes,

tears streaming down my burning cheek, 

I slipped into the shadow of a sliver of the elusive  past,

looking everywhere for the glamor that 

once seemed to grace me,

which I finally found shining brightly

in the new and glittering snow,

which careened me into the now, 

the now of this Christmastide,

celebrating the sweet charm, 

the enduring grace of warmth and fellowship,

simmered now to a fine and potent stew,

which may not be burned  or damaged by 

the sad travails of a troubled world.

The light of hope, at this time, call it holy, if you will,

shines for all who shine from within,  for all the world 

to be illuminated and finally bathed in the purest 

and most powerful fire of hope and redemption.