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The Leader

- by Linn Barnes

The Leader 

-Linn Barnes

About our large and yellow leader,

One thing’s plain and sloppy:

He’s as drumpled as he’s trumpled,

Lost in a whirligig of sputtering rages.

And when it comes to being a man,

Of nature sweet and kind,

He’s as clouty and galooty,

The worst of the demon’s seed, 

Grim and sans souci, bletched,

Bedraggled and de-noosed,

Carnavoréd and repulséd.

And, as we squirm and watch what we must see, 

We are shuddered with the saddest flow of tears, 

Forced to hear his savage and repulsive jokes and jeers

That fall upon the eyes and ears of his despairing victims,

Whose beloved have been untimely blasted from the earth,

The undisputed clear result of his manic and demonic chatter.

This must not endure.