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- by Linn Barnes

-Linn Barnes

Oh go on say something
if you have to

no big deal
so he let him off

who cares really 
nothing to fret about

just regular stuff
so he was a convicted

fellow on several counts
whatever they were

big deal what’s new
I mean he was kind of funny

the way he attacked women
I remember one time

something like you stupid ugly 
bitch I’ll see you in court

stuff like that but he was 
well is a great dresser

a real taste for color 
shirts and ties always right

and a severe worship of hats
lots of hats great costuming

a jerky vicious smile over 
a hawk nose my guess

he is immensely proud of
all celebrated this man

before our country severely
damaged by the capo who just

cut him loose without a day
served for nothing short of treachery

to cheer and celebrate
the dying intubated gasps 

of the party falling rapidly 
down into the gloaming 

where the sad ugly mud 
reeks of despair and defeat