Lord Ronan's Return

Lord Ronan's Return
Oak Leaf 2119 - 2007

Lord Ronan was raised between two swift rivers nestles up against the morning side of the great Blue Ridge Mountains at the headwaters of the mighty Rappahannock in the land of the Virgin Queen.  His youth was filled with love and kindness, and he in turn held a pure and devoted love for his family.

As he matured, a great wanderlust began to consume him until one fine Autumn day he wandered along the river nearest his home and turned into the deep woods following game trails far into the wilderness until finally he was hopelessly lost.  Once he realized his state, he moved rapidly one way and then another, searching desperately for some assuring sign.  Finally, he came upon a trail which seems familiar, and he pursued what he judged to be the direction of the river.  And finally the river emerged into view, and he knew he would find his way home along the river's banks.

Meanwhile, at home there was great sadness and lamentation for Lord Ronan's disappearance.  People went out in all directions to search for him.  At last, with great cries and jubilation he discovered moving swiftly toward home and his family.  There were celebrations and great merriment to welcome Lord Ronan home.

Lord Ronon, of course, is among the finest of the canine persuasion.

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