Wrapped in Green

- by Linn Barnes

Wrapped in Green
-Linn Barnes

The eye of Christmas
in centered in the cold
the raw wind and snow
covering the brittle earth

The magic of Christmas 
is the warmth by the fire
the secured windows doors 
a barrier to the hard blow

The truth of Christmas 
is manifold and found
in candle light and green
sprigs and boughs 

The faith of Christmas
is a deep breath exhaling
the power of belief and charity
to the lost and forlorn

While keeping the fires 
kindled coaled and warm
though the long nights
cold days of doubt and despair

Until the dawn of the day
children laughing racing
houses bursting with the 
elemental joy wrapped in green.


- by Linn Barnes

-Linn Barnes

Whirl will be known
and floods will rise

high ground will crumble
fall and meet the valley

while fleeing naked priests 
will scream for protection

to long dead fantasies
neither near nor far

never really found save 
in desperate dreams

on lonely sad deathbeds
chiseled into greying stone

to the eternal damnation
of the eyes of man gone blind

to the avarice of the few
who survive since they can

upon the long suffering poor 
whose time will surely come.


- by Linn Barnes


when Nancy, 
our perfect Nancy, 
spoke to the fool,

the room shuddered
to silence and respect 
for the glimmer of 

fierce wisdom showered 
upon the philistine
blathering nothing

about nothing, 
while he was shammed
to deep silence forever


- by Linn Barnes

-Linn Barnes

Very soon with
december grinding on
the gorge rising
commercial adventure
reaching it’s zenith
never forget
that in the end
after all the doubting 
disgust with commerciality
hypocrisy and lowdown
bad retail and customer behavior

holly always wins out

in the final moments
when you’ve given up
and reached that never
again not me moment
even that familiar
who thought this up

holly always wins out

and it aways has from 
ancient kindled fire 
on the darkest night
when evergreens have 
finally won the stage 
when comfort and peace
are dreamt in the 
deep cold of the 
long and brilliant night
children asleep 
toes to the heat

holly always wins out

In Stone

- by Linn Barnes

In Stone
-Linn Barnes

while in fear
we shall cast 
dark shadows

on the cave wall
and spit the image 
of a blinding truth
onto the hardened stone

from colors ground
from plant and stream 
that will reveal for the ages
what has been wrought by lies

and sad corruption for 
the aching world to witness
that our pure time passed here
brought light to a blighted world.

The Fall

- by Linn Barnes

The Fall
-Linn Barnes

In darkest dreams 
shadows are warped
where orbs are spinning

drifting in and out of 
frozen stellar caverns 
oceans coves and bays 

heavy waters foaming 
dense air climbing
falling as ordained

sad priests crippled
by age grimly suffering
the usual consequences

beneath an outed moon
drifting to the lightless
edge of dead mythologies

beyond dalliance
with the idea of time
now shot full of doubt

the substance of 
space warping 
the weight of the sun

drawing while it still can
the order and drama
of it’s planetary horde

burning to it’s core
the drama to come
of the cooling fall.

The Shades

- by Linn Barnes

The Shades
-Linn Barnes 

Constant contamination of
the polluted stream of when
vanishes before the illusion

Of how and even what
brings to light certain 
realities and sadness

When diurnal batterings
are brought to bear
in the ongoing battle

Between the light and 
the dark switch on or off
you may not dare to engage

And so among the shades
you must remain bound and
tethered in slack bindings

You could discard at any
time but you don’t
since time has become

A liability and a threat
to your continued existence
as the door threatens to 

Not shut once again
but now finally to open
letting the night air through

Until the dawn creeps
to the morning cross 
and begs the day for mercy


- by Linn Barnes

-Linn Barnes

Early this Sunday morning
I am sixteen years old
I’m putting on a
blue blazer gold buttons 
heliotrope shirt 
grey pants 
red and yellow tie 
polished dark brown weejuns 
topped with a belted burberry trenchcoat

for a short walk 
up an easy street
with all of the family


where an organist
plays loudly and thunderously 
people sing badly

and there is a threat of snow

I think I’ve been 
abducted by 


- by Linn Barnes

-Linn Barnes 

Knowing nothing before me
will create anything after me
drives an arrow into my solitude
shrouded darkly but not lost

By yet darker shadows
flurrying the winter sky
pounding the broken air 
bending the follicles of space 

Into a subtle rhapsody 
which charms the vast lonely
dance skipping through the rails
of light into the vastness of being

Spinning the known sky 
to a shimmering clarion cry
shouting ancient harmonies 
grinding the wheels of the cosmos

Bringing for a flash 
the glory of a glimpse
at the power of the storm 
churning beneath our feeble eyes


- by Linn Barnes

-Linn Barnes

We shoulder despair
tighten our jeans
weather the harsh world

and eat the fucking 
turkey once each year
as the clock rings

and we all sing
anthems of glory
while we rattle the

shattering doors 
of what now must be done
beyond the tilted glass

and the loaded plate
where the malignant 
truth lies buried

in the lonely lines
of the sad preamble 
to the ugly fall which

double-times to the 
end in full sight
of a heavy crunch.

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